Preview: Infinite Christ Intelligence
REPLAY: Living Holy Cosmic Vibration
PREVIEW: Living Holy Cosmic Vibration
REPLAY: Grand Deliverance
Prana Apana Sushumna Hari
Initiation of the Grand Deliverance
BROADCAST: Avatar-Christos
PREVIEW: Transcendence into the Avatar-Christos Matrix
BROADCAST:  Integrating the Avatar Self
PREVIEW: Grand Integrator
BROADCAST: Omnipresent Service
TRANSMISSION: Omnipresent Service to Humanity
I AM the Light of my Soul
PREVIEW: Omnipresent Service
MUSIC: Come Spirit of God
BROADCAST: Activating the Immortal Code
PREVIEW: Activating the Immortal Code
BROADCAST: Wielding Light Intelligence
PREVIEW: Wielding Light
Broadcast Replay: Telepathic Coherence
PREVIEW: Telepathic Coherence
PREVIEW: Mastering the Moment
Broadcast: Entering Timelessness
PREVIEW: Entering Timelessness
Broadcast: Quantum Creating
Guided Meditation ~ Event Horizon
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