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TRANSMISSION: Transmuting Tyranny

TRANSMISSION: Transmuting Tyranny

March 1, 2021

We are shifting and transmuting certain conditions of outer world activity that are not aligned to human evolution. These are the activities of a vicious and destructive agenda that violate the sanctity of the human spirit. These forces of darkness  HAVE NO POWER! As the stewards of Earth, we can command them out of our world, swiftly and forever.  

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Exorcising the Global Demonic Force

Exorcising the Global Demonic Force

January 13, 2021


This transmission gives substantial support to help transmute the forces of division and hatred that propels the corrupt power structure existing in our world. This especially concerns those with intention to dominate and enslave humanity. As a Group Avatar aligning to the Law of One, we are wielding the Christ flames of love, mercy and compassion to bring instantaneous transmutation to this building destructive energy now unleashing in full force in our precarious world. We serve only as pure channels and invokers of divine intervention. Our call compels the answer in accordance to Divine Will and the highest good of the human race.

Freedom Flame Transmission

Freedom Flame Transmission

January 11, 2021


This timely transmission gives immense assistance to the tumultuous events currently in outplay in the USA and around the world. Our victory in the light is assured, however, there is a great and wobbly bridge to cross. On behalf of beloved Saint Germain, this calls in the light brigade to help bring in the needed reinforcement to a most critical passage. Please help with all your might, with all your prayers and invocation for Divine Intervention. Please constantly make those calls, every day, to bring support, protection, strength and illumination to all those who are working so hard to bring the needed balance and reformations to the Earth.

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