Module 1: Welcome to the Seal of Coherence

April 2, 2015

with Tiara Kumara...
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This is a very important first module! The Seal of Coherence is the foundational overlay to our biological mutation and the one that, when opened, creates a needed vibrational base for the synergistic unlocking of all of the other Seals.

Again, these seals within us are portals of consciousness that we are activating and expanding through as a pathway to actualize our greater potential. Opening this seal helps you to:

  • Integrate the Greater Self into your physical expression
  • Recalibrate your entire energy body so that you can embody the vibration of oneness, permanently.
  • Build stronger coherence with your whole-listic self as a vast, multidimensional creator being.
  • Know that YOU are the creator of your reality and all of its reflections.
  • Learn how to tap into the same power that drives the entire universe.

Module 1: You are a Microcosm of the Macrocosm

April 2, 2015

By consciously uniting your microcosmic self with the macrocosmic whole, a supreme union is achieved. It is then that all things are made possible. Through coherence, you learn how to use your connection consciously to tap into the same power that drives the entire universe.

  • When you see yourself as a 'web of awareness', the brain rewires itself to be a more precise receiver of the frequencies that mirror your truer vibration. Your reality becomes more and more crystallized along a particular frequency attunement of coherently connected consciousness.

  • As a result, all other things naturally fall away that are not of that vibration. You shift into a new matrix… with new dreams, new visions and many amazing synchronicities that meet your every emanating thought.

Module 1: You are God in the Flesh

April 2, 2015

It is vitally important to remember that you are not separate from God, as Source Consciousness. You never have been and never ever will be. This is impossible. You are an individualized consciousness that resides inside the body of omnipresent awareness. You are within God and God is within you. You are one unified whole.

Ponder this deeply. At all times, you are contained inside the body of perfection, of incomprehensible love, and benevolent grace!

Module 1: Your Consciousness is Eternal

April 2, 2015

Remember, your consciousness resides inside the body of God awareness. You are eternal and free. You exist and will always exist, changing forms many times. There is only life. The idea of human death is merely a transition into other forms of consciousness and realities.

  • It is to absolutely know, without any fiber of doubt, that you do not die and neither are you reborn.
  • Your consciousness is vastly interconnected and it is eternal. The body simply falls away when it is no longer needed in a physical reality experience.

Module 1: You Exist Now

April 2, 2015

Perceive and know your self in the purity of presence. When you do, your limitless nature can be discovered. You can free yourself from the mind that wants to define reality through the past or the future.

This is one of the most important keys to strengthening coherence with your whole-listic biological self. Know your self as a vast, multidimensional being who continually recreates itself into timeless realities on many levels of vibration.

Module 1: Group Mind is your Greater Aspect

April 2, 2015

Your personality is impermanent; therefore, it is not real. It is only a minuscule reflection of its inclusive nature within another more expansive umbrella.

The only real, lasting substance is that part of your consciousness that pristinely vibrates to an all-encompassing group tone. In essence, you are part of a bigger conglomerate comprised of many souls.

  • Through this program of Morphogenesis, you will learn how to connect to and maneuver from your higher mind.

  •  Your higher mind is a group mind, and this group mind is your greater aspect of Self.

Module 1: Your Body is a Universe

April 2, 2015

Your body is an entire ecology that has the ability to bring about accelerated biological evolution. This is done through coherence with your total self, and attuned loving thought given to that 'totality' of self. This is a main key to unlocking the power to self-actualize into anything you want to be.
  • Always remember, your consciousness does not reside inside the body. The body is held within the consciousness! 
  • You are the creator of your physical reality, including your very own bodies. Therefore, you have the ultimate governance over all of the activities that take place in your physical form.

Module 1: Reality is a Reflection of Your Beliefs

April 2, 2015

The meaning that you choose to give life, completely determines what kind of a story you will experience. Life is a direct product of your definitions about it! YOU are in control of its mirror by what you perceive to be true.

As a powerful creator, to change any pictures in your manifesting reality, simply shift the thought that holds the belief in place.

  • Reality reflects your state of mind.
  • State of mind is the fuel to manifestation. 
  • As you perceive, life expresses.